Narionix is a Russia-based company specializing in the sale of industrial switches within the CIS market. Narionix has been dedicated to providing high-quality industrial communication solutions and services to partners and customers worldwide. Over the years, Narionix has accumulated extensive professional experience and established a broad customer base in the industry.

Our core values are Innovation, Value, and Honor. These values guide Narionix's business strategy and operations, enabling us to maintain competitiveness in the market and deliver exceptional products and services to our customers. We continuously invest in production, R&D, and marketing to drive the company's comprehensive development and ensure innovation.

Narionix's main product lines include:

  • Industrial Switch
  • Industry Specific
  • Industrial Wireless
  • Serial Connectivity

With our persistent core values and excellence in performance, Narionix is confident in facing future uncertainties. We look forward to cooperating with you for mutual benefits and moving forward together.